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Zebra Rug - Trophy Grade

  • Size: 58 x 95 in.
  • Species: Zebra

Product Code: ZS-ZN

Our trophy grade zebra rugs feature a heavy felt applied to the back that gives the zebra hide extra weight and support to lay flat as a rug. Our zebra rugs are complete head-to-tail hides that fully express the beautiful natural patterns. The patterns unique to the animal; no two zebra are exactly alike.

Bespoke and Customization

Please allow 5 business days to artisan craft and ship any bespoke orders within the United States.

See our full lists of Hardware and Lining Options.

Trade and Legalities

All skins used in our production are either sourced locally direct from farms or imported and legally obtained. Our products are legal to own and carry anywhere in the world. CITES is a critical component to the exotic skin industry trade. Finished products - even with legal species - that are made overseas are often sent without appropriate paperwork and are seized by Customs when attempting to import. Always ask for a copy of CITES, or CITES re-export with your name and/or company as the recipient prior to paying for an item outside of the United States. Double-check the species name listed on the CITES to ensure legality; specifically, look for skins that are Appendix 1 and considered threatened/endangered and thus prohibited within your nation's borders or where you may plan to travel. For instance, several species of crocodile are protected and highly illegal to import skins or products made from their skins. Many of these are exclusively bred/poached in third world countries and sweatshop constructed into designer look-a-likes with cardboard bonding structure and sold for a fraction of the cost of the high-end products they intend to represent. Roje abides by all laws and regulations for the legal trade of exotic leather skins and goods.

International Orders

We offer international shipping for all our buyers with no additional charge for U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspection and CITES re-export paperwork (approximately $500). Delivery within 12-14 weeks through the Fish and Wildlife office that provides the permits for finished products in the United States (located in Fairfax, Virginia). Contact us for additional information.