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Zippered Wallet - Nile Crocodile Belly - Emerald Suede - Gun Metal


  • Size: 8"(W) x 4 (H) x 1.25 in. (D).
  • Species: crocodile niloticus.
  • Hardware: Gunmetal Toned #8 and #5 Zippers.
  • Lining: Green - Garment Suede Lining.
  • Artisan Hours: 6.

    • Interior features garment grade suede lining with 2 rows of 3 card slots on both sides for a total of 12 slots.
    • Roomy enough to fit either an Iphone X or Galaxy Note 7 with an additional 1.5" excess for future larger smart phone releases.
    • Center zippered divider.
    • Matching exotic leather zipper pulls on interior and exterior.
    • Custom hand mixed and applied edge painting on every interior and exterior cut section including zipper pulls.
    • 1.8mm leather substrate used in between the exotic skin and lining to reinforce and extend the life of the wallet by decades.
    • 100% handcrafted in the USA by American artisans.
Level 1:
$ (3-11 Bags or 6-23 SLG)
Level 2:
$ (12+ Bags or 24+ SLG)


  • Size: 8"(L) x 4 (H) x 1.25 in. (W)
  • Species: crocodylus niloticus
  • Hardware: Gunmetal Toned #8 and #5 Zippers
  • Lining: Garment Suede Lining
  • Artisan Hours: 6

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Exotic Skin Zippered Wallet Collection Fall/Winter 2017
Collection of artisan crafted by REAL zippered wallets. Starting with the left column is american alligator, followed by Nile crocodile, then ostrich and to the far right side is python. Showing quality stitching, interior, foil stamping and luxury metal zippers. Each wallet took 6 hours from start to finish with each cut section with multiple layers of edge paint all completed in our Los Angeles, CA workshop.
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